Title: A Day in the Life

Author: redrush.

Rating: Gen, PG-13 because Ray has a potty mouth.

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski.

Spoilers: Any and every argument RayK and Fraser ever had during Season 3.

Teaser: Same discussion, different day.

Disclaimer: As much as I want them, they don't belong to me.

Feedback: Yes, please.


Ray saw Fraser tear off towards the fire escape. Ray bolted up behind him but his shoes didn't afford him the traction he needed and he spun his wheels momentarily. A shot rang out and Fraser turned quickly with his back against the brickwall of the roof entrance. Ray ducked, momentarily not sure where the shot came from. Lunging, he grabbed Fraser's elbow getting a handful of stiff, scratchy material.

"Whoa, hold on there, Fraser." Frustrated the Mountie gave him a pained look, every inch of his body screaming at Ray that the perpetrators were getting away.

"What are you gonna do when you jump over the edge onto the fire escape, hunh?"

The familiar thumb to brow action which was as good as an 'I don't know, Ray.'

"Thought so. Now look, Fraser. You jump over that edge and they'll be waiting and you have no gun. You should know this by now."

Ray made sure he had Fraser's attention. "Bad guys," Ray waved his gun in Fraser's face, "guns."

Pointing a finger in Fraser's chest. "Mountie," Ray put the gun behind his back, "no gun."

"Yes, Ray. I see your point." Fraser smiled hesitantly and then dove over the edge of the fire escape.

"Damn it, Fraser!" Ray yelled with a mix of weariness and aggravation. Nonetheless he jumped right behind him.