Hello and welcome to the home of the wolf pack. We're a small band of online artists, readers and writers who met in various mailing lists and discovered the lure of due South along with the attraction of Fraser and Kowalski. We also discovered a mutual love of slash. You may be asking right now, what is slash? Slash is a type of fan fiction where the focus is on same sex relationships, usually of a romantic or sexual nature. Therefore, if that's not your beverage of choice or you're underage, it's probably best you leave, as we don't wish to offend or bother anyone. If you do stay however, you'll find both sweet and sad stories and a few that are somewhat smutty. That said, we also write general, het and adult fiction. And though our fiction revolves around the Mountie and his third-season partner, we include all the other characters of due South, because we like them too. Plus, we seem to be partial to Joe and Billy of Hard Core Logo, so you'll find them here as well. So, kick off your shoes, relax and stay a bit. We hope you have a good time. Take special care now.

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