Title: Appearances

Author: YeungMaiSu.

Rating: PG for angst.

Category: Poetry.

Genre: Adult/Het. Though there's a part of me that sees this as almost pre slash.

Pairing: Ray Kowalski/Stella.

Disclaimer: Ray and Stella belong to Alliance Communications and the great Pauls (both Haggis and Gross). This is a dalliance set between the responsibilities of real life. It is not work. I am not getting paid.

Dedication: This poem is warmly and with affection dedicated to Beth H. and Pollitt for their encouragement. Special thanks also should go to Pollitt for the lovely title. I would like to include here the actors, directors, writers and fans everywhere of "due South."

Distribution: Our sites and the main due South archives only.

Author's Notes: This work was originally featured as part of the Make-Up Challenge for the Due South Flashfiction Community on Live Journal.

Story Notes: Teen!Ray, heartbreak, angst and the art of dressing for what you want.

Feedback: That would be wonderful. Thank you.

Date written: April 22, 2003.


When I first saw her, she looked like those dolls they keep under glass.

Admired, though not to be played with.

But that's not her at all.

See, I know the Stella.

She likes the look of dirty nails. Blood on the knuckles.

Kisses that taste of beer and secrets.

Being held all night long.

This I get, this I understand.

And if you want something, you gotta be willing to work for it.

So I'll change my hair, lose the glasses, wear the leather, get the tat.

Because if I give her everything she wants, maybe she'll want me.