No Ship Like Partnership


An on-line due South zine, focusing on the Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski relationship.

Our Second Issue Spring 2007

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Artwork created by little-b, Nicci and Pineneedle.

A novel written by little-b.

All for Rushlight.

Warning - This is a slash site and the stories and images within are of an adult nature. Please do not enter if you are underage or offended by fiction and artwork that feature homoerotic themes. Do take care now and thank you so much for your understanding.

Disclaimer - The characters, stories and images of due South are Copyright Alliance Atlantis Communications, and are used here without permission or license. The authors and artists of these works make no claim to the above copyright. These works are for non-commercial use ONLY, and are produced for the enjoyment of fans only. These works are the expression of the authors and artists and the depictions of the due South characters herein are in no way represented to be a part of due South as depicted by the original author and artist and copyright holder(s). Please do not link to/or archive these stories or images anywhere without the authors' or artists' express permission to do so. Please do not use any original characters, story or artwork created elsewhere without permission. Alliance, Paul Haggis and the actors involved in due South gave their audiences a great show and made some of us wonder...what went before and what comes next.

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